About us

The SOFT Microscopy Centre is a joint effort between Chalmers University of Technology and Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). The centre is part of the Material Science Area of Advance at Chalmers. The centre has unique competence concerning material properties, structures and preparation of soft materials and the state-of-the-art instrumental equipment at the Eva Olsson group at Chalmers, Chalmers Materials Analysis Lab (CMAL) and the Product Design and Perception Group at RISE Agrifood and Bioscience. The SOFT Microscopy Centre is a strategic initiative with the vision to establish new concepts for soft material design. High-resolution imaging and spectroscopy are combined with in-depth knowledge of sensitive soft materials containing water, lipids and functional interfacial structures.



Establish new concepts in structure design for a new generation of soft biomaterials with tailored properties based on microstructure research. 

Develop new methods for microstructure research including 3D imaging, in situ and dynamic experiments over a range of length and time scales giving a competitive edge.

Be the evident partner in structure-related international programs and national infrastructures. 

Create an environment where academia and industry can interact with expertise and access the new infrastructure introduced by the centre.